Artistic Wire Designs

Darryl Kanouse creates dynamic and emotive sculptures using single strands of wire that are shaped without any cuts or connections. Inspired by ideas of connectedness, geometry and non-duality, the results are completely unique. These wire designs can easily serve as the artistic centerpiece in a gallery setting as well as provide compelling space accents adding life contemporary home and office decor.

Darryl Kanouse does not sell on the internet and does not offer shipping. These items are only available directly and in person either at public shows or by appointment.


The majority of the pieces range in price from $50 to $500 depending on the design, size and materials. A small selection of premium pieces are also available at a higher cost. Details available on request. 

Material Options

  • Copper (10, 12, 16 AWG)
  • Aluminum (12 AWG)
  • Galvanized Steel (16 AWG)


Most 12 AWG pieces (the majority of the work) are around or about 8 inches (20 cm) tall with a base footprint of 1 ft² (0.1 m²). There are also many pieces that are much smaller and a few that are much larger.

Transport and Storage

Special handling instructions available.

About Darryl

Darryl has spent most of his career at marketing agencies as an industry leader in marketing technology solution architecture and design. Darryl is a native of Los Angeles, California and currently lives in the Redondo Beach area with his wife and two children.