365 Wires

These wire sculptures are all made from a single strand of wire with no cuts and no connections. In March of 2015 I began making one per day, everyday, with the intention of doing 365 of them. You can see them all on my 365 Wires page.

The Kanouse Calendar and Tempordesics

As a perennial calendar with a static structure (4x13x7+1), the same Tempordesic (or Kanouse Calendar visualization) can be used for every year. It simplifies relative date calculations and reference date contexts. The idea of a perennial calendar is not new but the Kanouse Calendar and the derived Tempordesics have a number of positive distinctions. Read more about the Kanouse Calendar and Tempordesics.

Music and Sounds

Guitar, bass, digital production, tape manipulation, songwriting, singing, drums, big band leader and other random noisy bits I've been responsible for over years.